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Something To Do It™ Cream Cleaner
    Stop wasting precious time &
    energy, scrubbing...straining...
   suffering back-breaking work to
      clean & shine your boat or
         recreational vehicle… 

Something To Do It 
      Cream Cleaner™
 the amazing multi-purpose cream
that quickly & safely
     removes grime & stubborn
      stains from nearly every

 · fast, effective cleaner

 · polishes & protects without
   harsh, toxic chemicals

 · provides tough cleaning
   power for hard-to-remove
   scuffs & build-up 

 · nonabrasive; won’t scratch

 · rinses clean

 · biodegradable;
   environmentally friendly 

 · velvety soft; safe for skin

· removes black streaks from fiberglass

 · easily wipes soil from vinyl & plastic, leaving a protective
   polymer coating 

 · rapidly eradicates unsightly spots & discoloration from chrome, 
   stainless steel, & brass, restoring their sparkle & shine 

   Something To Do It 
      Cream Cleaner™

          on a sponge or a rag,
  eliminate dirt, scum, & oily grime
      with a light touch and rinse.

    A clean, fresh scent makes
   Something To Do It
      Cream Cleaner™

   an excellent choice for use
             in the galley &
    throughout the house on:
              · appliances
              · utensils
              · porcelain
              · enamel
              · tile
              · formica
              · plastic 

                 Give up 
    time-consuming cleaning! 

         strenuous scouring!

                         Save money
by using the
              professionally proven, multi-purpose
             Something To Do It Cream Cleaner™

        Available in convenient quantities to consumers and professionals.

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